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Chemlad used to be my favorite band

March 13, 2010

This week I was greeted with the unexpected arrival of Pelican’s latest album which I thought had been delayed until May after having it’s March release delayed but the lovely people at Southern had obviously got them in stock and sent out ASAP. I was also happy to find it was on double red vinyl as well seeing as I was under the impression it would be black for anyone who wasn’t buying it through Southern Lord’s vinyl subscription, not quite as snazzy as the splatter but still pleasing on the eye.

I first heard of Pelican back in 2005, I was due to spend four nights in Glasgow watching Biffy Clyro run through their then three albums followed by a fourth night of the in progress one at King Tutt’s. My sister’s boyfriend had come down to Bristol in order for us to fly up together and suggested we go to the Thekla to see Pelican the night before we left as he wasn’t able to catch them in Leeds, I had no idea who they were at the time other than they were instrumental and I imagined a room full of men stroking their beards. What I saw and heard really amazed me, it was the first time I’d seen a fully instrumental band live who managed to captivate me and hold my attention, the time just flew by. The material they played was drawn from the just released at the time Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw, Australasia and their untitled EP and I realised I was going to have to order their back catalogue.

The reason for getting getting everything on vinyl came from finding about the split they’d done with Mono which at the time had a track unavailable on CD although it was later released on the Invaders compilation which is an acoustic version of Red Ran Amber. I’d love to see them do an acoustic only gig thinking about, maybe supporting themselves as they usually have a track or two per album which is acoustic that don’t get played live. Of course my problem is that once I have one release on a certain format I have the completion-ist urge to then buy everything else and so began my quest although I made the conscious decision to not getting bogged down into getting every colour for every pressing as it would probably bankrupt me and drive me insane trying to find everything.

Fortunately I was on the ball for the March Into The Sea EP vinyl press which I first managed to find a copy on a beautiful white and purple splatter and then a few weeks later obtained a black copy of the velum version which looks stunning in the flesh and is probably one of my favourite release especially with the Aaron Horkey logo which you don’t get on the regular version.

From there is was quite easy to get a copy of the untitled EP which I think I have a second pressing of, the colour of the lettering varies dependent on the version I think, Australasia was made easier by a repress from Interloper records which I get a tasty green and purple version of, a random check of Hydra Head’s online store one night led me to a single copy of the original pressing on black which I snapped up, more recently an awesome screen printed version was released so I had to have that, meaning three copies of it. What the hell though it has my favourite song by them on it, Drought, that’s got to count for a lot surely?

I won’t ramble on about how I managed to get the rest but I’ve realised after digging everything out today how much I have, the only thing I’m still after is the Champions of Sound 2003 release which I’ve never seen on sale anywhere, one day maybe. Anyway here’s the rest….

Playing Enemy Split 7″

The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw

City Of Echoes

Pink Mammoth 10″

These Arms Are Snakes Split 10″


Champions Of Sound 2008

Young Widows Split Series – I couldn’t handle just having the single split with Pelican, they make a face….

And to finish off a close up of that lovely logo from March Into The Sea