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Baroness Prints

January 29, 2010

OK, so I know this is supposed to be about vinyl but the pair of prints just arrived from Burlesque of North America and I couldn’t be happier. I camped out on the computer to ensure I got these and had to restrain myself from getting them in green when I saw them at sale at Baroness’ gig last week with the knowledge they were in the post. Now to organise framing….



December 23, 2009

Not vinyl and after an initial flurry of activity I’ve settled into my lazy self and not posted for an age, hopefully I can get back on track over the holidays. For now, here are┬ásome screen prints I’ve finally got around to getting properly framed, the Melvins poster from the Scala in 2006 is what really got me in to buying these and as a result every time I see them I have to get that night’s. Here’s the first four I chose to get done and I’m very impressed with the result, photography is terrible due to flashes and lights but you get the idea. I’m particularly happy with the Baroness print which never seems to look as good in a photo as it does in person, the frame was custom dyed to match the predominant green and looks wonderful.