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Baroness Prints

January 29, 2010

OK, so I know this is supposed to be about vinyl but the pair of prints just arrived from Burlesque of North America and I couldn’t be happier. I camped out on the computer to ensure I got these and had to restrain myself from getting them in green when I saw them at sale at Baroness’ gig last week with the knowledge they were in the post. Now to organise framing….


In the dead of night hear my angel call

January 28, 2010

Prompted by a shameful lack of updates yet again and Evan who seems to have done more in week than I have since I started I decided to pull out something I’ve not really given much time and then got sidetracked into slipping on one of my highlights from last year.

Darkness Comes Alive is an incredibly immediate album but unlike most that you think are brilliant on first listen and then over time come to realise they aren’t that hot this one lasts the course.

I pretty much knew nothing about this band at all until I was sent the album a few months ago, it’s unpretentious, balls to the wall rock and you get the impression that they are superb live. The vinyl version I ended up with was a very nice black and grey splatter which compliments the the sleeve and cover very nicely.

What I was originally going to put on was my Doomriders Vs Boris split LP that I realised I had once I got into this album and have never really listened to, this one consists of two clear red LPs with Doomriders playing a gig in the back of a pizza shop which must be mostly material from the first album as I don’t recognise any of it and Boris doing quite a lot of Pink era material with Ibitsu thrown in for good measure. I picked this one up during an intense phase of having to buy anything with Boris written on it and the fact it has some amazing artwork. Like quite a lot of artwork by Boris the cover is a parody of another famous album, in the case Judas Priest’s Screaming for Vengence, but incorporating the cover of the first Doomriders album with Boris being represented by the frog.

Musically I can’t really remember how good this is but don’t rememebr being blown away by the Boris live stuff which I think is better represented on their Live at Wolf Creek album or Live in Prague bootleg. I have no recall about the Doomriders’ stuff on here and at the moment I’m enjoying Darkness Comes Alive too much to put it on, maybe later.

Shut your doors their storm is coming

January 7, 2010

After dismissing Converge for many years 2009 was the year I actually spent some time listening to them and to my surprise ended up thinking they were pretty damn good. It’s always good to prove yourself wrong once in a while especially when a band has an extensive discography that you can spend your time working your way back through.

Currently it’s all about Axe To Fall for me, an album that caused my wife to declare not sure if serious which is always a good sign since it means she’s noticed I’m listening to something different to normal but that it’s relegated to headphones only when she’s around. The main thing currently pulling me back to this album over and over is the sheer variety on it,  fast songs, slow songs, anger, introspection, acoustic touches, varied vocalists and musicians. A sure sign of a confident band is one that’s not afraid to let their guests take the reins rather than hide them in the background in case they outshine the talent and it works extremely well here.

For me this album is a complete package with the music complemented by superb artwork which I recently missed out on buying a rather nice print of although my ever increasing pile of unframed posters means this is probably a good thing. Fancy vinyl colouring too, I ended up with a beer with blue white and yellow splatter which looks gorgeous. The CD copy just doesn’t do it justice.

Now to patiently wait for that Jane Doe reissue…….