With the sugar sickness you spy the kidnap kid

My introduction to the Smashing Pumpkins was watching the Bullet with Butterfly Wings video on Top of the Pops and it convinced me enough to go out and buy the single. I couldn’t afford the album on release so it was down to my local library in Hanham which for some reason had an incredible selection of tapes that you could borrow for free where I checked out a copy of Siamese Dream to tide me over.

When it came down to finally getting Mellon Collie I made pretty much one of my worst purchasing decisions ever. I often spent hours sifting through records on my school lunch breaks and once a week for months I would consider buying the 3xLP of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness with it’s extra tracks and revised order to fit the format. I ended up buying the cd instead and when I made the attempt to acquire it a few years ago I found the price had sky rocketed and it still seems to show no sign of stopping.

On Adore’s release I really didn’t enjoy it, finding it lacked the variety of songs that I’d come to love on Mellon Collie, Billie Corgan was in full on miserable Uncle Fester mode after declaring rock to be dead and there was no more Jimmy Chamberlain who had been kicked out due to his drug use. After time and persistent listening it slowly started to grow on me except for Ava Adore which I considered to be a poor choice of lead single that didn’t fit the tone of the album and disrupted the flow a little despite only being the second track.

Adore AAdoreAdore B

As a result of my new found love of the album I’d always defend it when people tried to rubbish it and I was quite looking forward to finally giving it proper listen again especially as the vinyl version is a mono mix as opposed to the cd’s stereo. The vinyl is a 2xLP gatefold but with only three sides of music, the fourth being blank, the front cover is a different form the cd with a different pose and the the model’s dress is a brilliant red mixed with a flower. Unfortunately there’s no insert or lyrics that you get with the cd version or at least mine never came with one.

It’s always disappointing when you remember things to be better than they actually are and for me Adore is just not as great as I remember. It has some beautiful tracks and Crestfallen is really great in mono with it sounding like opening an antique jewellery box and the tune playing at you. For most of the album I found myself quite bored and it was a struggle to get to the end although the beauty of vinyl is that it forces the lazy to at least make it through one side as skipping a track is not as easy as pressing a button, I’m hoping that I’ll come back to Adore in a few months and realise I was talking nonsense and go back to my opinion of it being a classic but at this point in time I’m hoping my next choice is better or I somehow stumble across a bargain basement version of Mellon Collie.

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4 Comments on “With the sugar sickness you spy the kidnap kid”

  1. Evan Says:

    Blah blah…write about good bands you fuck!


  2. Justin Says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah have a delayed post to make as I wait for something to turn up in the post that I’m very excited about.

    Get your wallet ready……

  3. Evan Says:

    what is it? what is it? I have already done my budget this month.

  4. Justin Says:

    Shipped this morning, hopefully will be here tomorrow. Don’t want to spoil the surprise.

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