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All Ages A

Possibly my favourite punk band ever and definitely my most listened to during my teens, it all started with my friend Rich going on and on about a song called 21st Century [digital boy] that he’d heard on Bruce Dickinson’s rock show the night before. Apparently it was so good he played it twice, maybe even three times and wasn’t going to stop playing it until everyone else realised it’s brilliance and bought it too. Well, job well done Bruce, single and sticker are still in tact. By this time of course Bad Religion were on their 8th album so no early adoption scene points to be gained here although Rich and I won simply by the fact we were the only kids in school who were listening to them.

Stranger Than Fiction was the first album I aquired by them on cd courtesy of my older visiting cousin followed 6 months later by All Ages which I think was my first ever LP purchase.

Picked up for the bargain price of £3.50 at a record store, the name of All Ages Bwhich escapes me, closing down on Park Street just down the road from school All Ages is a 22 track compilation of their Epitaph output. The artwork’s made up of a collage of their hand made flyers and an insert with the hand written lyrics on one side with another flyer collage on the reverse with what has to be a clear favourite for greatest band logo ever on top.

On listening to this last night it must have have had a fair few plays as it’s quite scratchy now but I think I prefer it over any the regular early albums as it’s pretty much the definition of ‘all killer, no filler’.

I’m of the opinion that the later albums work in pairs just from the way they sound and the type of songs they have on them, New America and No Substance, Process of Belief and Empire Strikes First with Stranger Than Fiction’s partner being The Gray Race.

Picked up on day of release which Wikipedia tells me was the 27th FebruaryGray Race 1996 at the sorely missed Replay Records under Bristol Bus Station, The Gray Race, on listening back is not as good as its predecessor but still has its share of classics like A Walk, Pity The Dead and Punk Rock Song. The vinyl itself is coloured, shame the title dictated it had to be a boring one.

A much better colour choice was for the 2009 Record Store Day repress of their first EP as a pink 7″.

Bad Religion EP ABad Religion EP B

Musically, not bad, a definite template of things to come with the exception of their bizarre prog rock effort Into the Unkown. Don’t remember anything linked to this one apart from looking at the original release date I was just over 1 year old, have they really been going that long?

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